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RaceChip – the next generation performance tuning module for up to 30% more HP and up to 20% more MPG. We are the largest chip tuning company in the world with over 500,000 modules sold. Our products are easy to use, made in Germany and Autobahn tested.

More power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, stronger acceleration and quicker responses: you’ll love the new characteristics RaceChip chip tuning will give your car.

Access your car’s power reserves. RaceChip tuning doesn’t simply turn everything to the max – it optimizes intelligently within your engine’s design limits.


S Series Modules – up to 20% HP and torque increase. 5 tuning maps. (Part number ends in "0")


RS Series Modules – up to 25% HP and torque increase. 6 tuning maps. Smartphone App upgrade available. (Part number ends in "1" w/o App, or "2" with App)


GTS Series Modules – up to 30% HP and torque increase. 7 tuning maps. Smartphone App upgrade available. 2-Year engine warranty (limitations apply). (Part number ends in "3" w/o App, or "4" with App)


GTS Black Series Modules – All the features of the GTS plus warm-up timer. (Part number ends in "5" w/o App, or "6" with App)


Use the search tool below to find a RaceChip tuner for your vehicle!


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