NEO Motorsport

NEO Type-AA coilovers are aluminum construction and include spherical bearing upper mounts (camber adjustable on McPherson Strut type suspension), polymer formed bump stops and high-grade aluminum lower mounts. The linear shock piston with 32-position damper adjustment gives the NEO Type-AA coilover maximum adjustability for both street and track application.
Developed with Canadian weather in mind, the full aluminum body construction resists corrosion which is typically experienced with traditional steel body coilovers. It is the perfect suspension for areas where salt is used in the winter time and severe weather is a problem in the prolonging the life of the components. The combination of lightweight materials and heavy-duty durable components results in the feeling of outstanding quality, improved traction, and comfort.

  • 32 position damper adjustment (fixed compression, adjustable tension) Linear Digressive Shock Piston for all-around performance
  • Ultra-Light Weight
  • Japanese High-Grade Synthetic Shock Oil
  • Heavy-Duty Spherical Bearing
  • 90% Aerospace Grade Aluminium alloy construction (shock mounts, shock body, spring adjusters)
  • Twin-Tube Design