Treatment Products

Treatment Carnauba Paste Wax CanCarnauba Paste Wax Can

This paste wax in blended with the finest pure carnauba wax, resulting in a hard glass like finish on all painted surfaces. Safe for clearcoats, and all automotive finishes. Will not leave behind a dusty chalky residue, this Carnauba Wax dries clear in cracks and crevices. The foundation for this carnauba wax/polymer mix formulation has been used by professional detailers for over thirty-five years with unmatched results. Easy on/Easy off application erases fine scratches and swirl marks. Perfect for dark colours, especially black. Leaves an ultra high gloss “Wet Look.” Comes with an applicator sponge. 8oz Metal Can.


Treatment Finish RestorerFinish Restorer

Formulated from The original Treatment Pre-Wax Cleaner and Conditioner that has been used on some of the finest show cars in the United States for more than twenty years! Simply the finest liquid cleaner/ polish available. Contains no harsh abrasives. This chemical cleaner instantly removes oxidation, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, road tar and old wax buildup. Produces an ultra smooth finish. Use to remove over spray from painted surfaces. Contains no wax or silicone. Body shop safe. Use by hand or buffer. 16oz Bottle.


Treatment Spray N GlowSpray N Glow Spray Detailer

The original waterless car wash. A quick and easy way to remove light dust and fingerprints while maintaining a just waxed finish. Used by show car owners and car dealers for over twenty years to keep dusty cars looking showroom new and just waxed. Use to remove bird droppings. Sprays on and watch it evaporate leaving a streak free, just waxed finish. Use on all surfaces of a vehicle. Quick and easy. Keeps water beading and gives you that “just waxed shine.” 22oz Bottle.


Treatment Paint SealantPaint Sealant

The Treatment Paint Sealant is a polymer based sealant that locks in a high gloss shine while protecting your finish from the harsh elements. This unique formula utilizes high-tech cross linking polymers, and advanced resins to form a layer of protection that resists repeated washings and the hazards of the environment. The Treatment® Paint Sealant keeps water beading for months. Great for clearcoat finishes. Works great on cars, boats, trucks, mobile homes or motorcycles. Easy to apply in the sun or shade for great results. Can be used by hand or buffer. 16oz Bottle.


Treatment Scratch AwayScratch Away

The Treatment Scratch Away is the ultimate product for polishing out paint imperfections, fine scratches, and swirl marks. Can also be used as a pre cleaner before applying waxes. Simply wipe on and buff away paint imperfections. Can be used on clearcoat finishes. Body shop safe. Contains no wax or silicones. Uses mild abrasives and a special blend of polishing oils to leave a clean finish ready to be waxed. Can be used by hand or orbital buffer. Works great with microfiber cloth. 16oz Bottle.


Treatment High Suds Wash ConcentrateHigh Suds Car Wash Concentrate

Our super rich foaming car wash is a highly concentrated formula with a blend of special surfactants and cleaning agents. This special formula dissolves easily in hot or cold water. Eliminates spotting or streaking. Won’t spot windows and rinses easily. Great cherry fragrance. Phosphate free, non-toxic. 8oz Bottle.




Treatment Wash and Wax Car Wash ConcentrateWash & Wax Car Wash Concentrate

A special blend of thick cleaning and conditioning agents plus real wax will leave a fresh waxed finish on all cars. Produces a thick, creamy foam that cleans and waxes in one step. After washing, water will bead on the surface! Contains real carnauba wax. Great lemon scent. Phosphate free, non-toxic. 16oz Bottle.




Treatment Headlight Restoration KitHeadlight Restoration Polish Kit

This unique kit contains everything you need to restore old yellowed and hazy headlights back to clarity. Contains 4oz. Bottle of Headlight Restoration Cream, 4oz. Bottle of Buffing Lubricant Spray, and 3 unique high grit sanding discs, along with a sanding disc foam applicator tool. Simply spray a light mist of lubricant spray on surface and work the discs from low grit to high. After buffing with discs, then apply Headlight Restoration Cream to restore the clarity. Enough product and discs to treat dozens of headlights several times over!


Treatment Headlight Restoration PolishHeadlight Restoration Polish

Formulated with specialized polishing agents to help remove staining, yellowing, and hazing from plastic headlight covers. Helps to prevent re-staining while restoring clarity. Instead of replacing costly headlight lenses, this is the perfect solution for lens cleaning and maintenance. 8oz Bottle.




Treatment ProtectantThe Treatment Original Protectant

All-purpose, water based dressing that is non-toxic and solvent free. This product is exceptional in its ability to handle multiple surfaces with the same GREAT results. Vinyl / Leather Protectant restores color to all rubber and vinyl surfaces with an easy wipe on – wipe off application. Protects and beautifies all areas of a vehicle including leather, plastic, rubber and vinyl. 8oz Bottle.



Treatment Tire Gold Tire DressingTire Gold Tire Dressing

The ultimate shine and performance from a spray-on dressing. This crystal clear dressing leaves a super high gloss and long lasting shine that can’t be beat. Works as well on worn tires as on showroom new tires. A favorite of the professional detailer who needs the highest quality results with the ease of use of a spray-on dressing. Contains maximum silicone content with a blend of ingredients that prevent dripping. 22oz & 64oz bottles.


Treatment Trim Gold Tire DressingTrim Gold Tire Dressing

The Treatment Trim Gold® is a unique silicone polymer formula that cleans, shines, rejuvenates, and protects all color exterior trim – especially black. Restores dull faded trin, and difficult to remove wax residue, while protecting the surface from future sun damage. The Treatment Trim Gold will clean and renew all types of vinyl, rubber and plastic. Use on a variety of surfaces such as bumpers, window trim, louvers, air vents, wiper arms, tires and mud guards. Get the ultimate “Wet Look” on all types of bumpers and trim. 8oz bottle.


Treatment GlasstexGlasstex Glass Cleaner

This high tech Alcohol based formula cleans glass and windows without leaving annoying streaks and smudges. Instantly dissolves smoke residue while leaving behind a beautiful shine. The Treatment Glasstex Glass Cleaner is formulated to be quick evaporating and streak-free. 22oz Bottle.




Treatment Green CleanerAll Purpose Green Cleaner

This powerful biodegradable all-purpose cleaner contains no caustics so it is safe to use on more sensitive surfaces. This super concentrated formula is recommended for all types of cleaning and degreasing. Safely cleans tools, engines, floors, carpeting, vinyl, upholstery, whitewalls and wheels. Will not stain metal or glass. A wonderful multi-surface cleaner. Can be diluted for carpets and general cleaning, or used full strength for heavily soiled areas. Contains no silicates and is safe for body shop use. 22oz Bottle.


Upgolstery-shampoo2Upholstery Shampoo

The Treatment Upholstery Shampoo is a biodegradable, concentrated, industrial strength, nontoxic shampoo that is a remarkable cleaner. Formulated to remove both oil and water based stains. Contains a built in odour neutralizer to control musty odours from used cars. Removes bugs from painted surfaces too! Can be diluted for general cleaner or used full strength for heavily soiled areas. 22oz Bottle.


Treatment Wheel Cure Wheel CleanerWheel Cure Wheel Cleaner

The Treatment Wheel Cure is a safe, effective non-acid spray. Great for all wheel types. Foams while removing road grime and dirt! Can be used on painted or clear-coated wheels, as well as hubcap covers. Simply spray on and hose off for great results. Melts away brake dust and other road grime without heavy scrubbing. 22oz Bottle.